“If we find a high quality program we feel very lucky and we stick with it. We have found it here at ArtWorks.”

-Jana and Gregg, parents


Registration Fee

$15 per student upon enrollment


Tuition is for 4 weeks each month and includes ALL materials. If there is a 5th week, the additional class is FREE. Tuition will be prorated for less than 4 weeks.

1 hour classes
$112 per month
1 1/2 hour classes
$160 per month


Family Discounts*

1 hour students
$12 per month
1 1/2 hour students
$16 per month

*These are discounts for the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th sibling or a parent taking classes.


ArtWorks is pleased to support our community through a need-based scholarship program.

> Download Scholarship Information

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